“You was”- ♦48♦

Looking at me so affascinated, and it seemed you wanted  to look at me infinitely.
Surround me there was still a sort of magical halo, and everything it was like downstairs: soft and light.
Our hearts were delicately beating at unison.
You was sit on the edge of the bed.
Your hand sweetly stretched toward me, and slowly i approached me to you.
That soft magical halo, now, it was more marked, and the color were a mix of soft pink with purple, and it were filling the bedroom, and it seemed that you was only capable to see it, while i wanted just to dive myself into your eyes, and finally to feel your hands were touching my body.
We just wanted lay ourselves in bed, to be enveloped by our breathes, to touch sweetly our skin, and in those touches to remove the bad things we had seen and heard in the underground building. 
You taken my hand, and like a delicate rose, you laid me on the matress,
In our eyes there was the peace the we really wanted, and slowly, as if you had fear to break that magic that i had unconsciously created, you have started to caressing me.
In those instants our connection exploded, and that magical halo, till now inside me, extended itself inside you, and i could see it.
I whispered: “I can see it, now” touching sweetly your face.
That evening, our love has made by soft touches, delicate kisses, and intense glances, and only small words put in row. They seemed tiny spells, and that soft sparkle light was sorrounding us.
Each time we kissed, it seemed something strong pushing us toward an ignote place, but maybe it was only our perception.
We were sorrounded by that magical halo, and our sensations were such great, that in someways, inside them we feeling ourselves so small.
It seemed that each object around us, was alive, and it made part of what we were feeling in those instants.
If we hadn’t hugged each other in that moment, we would be going crazy. 
You was close to me, but slowly you putted yourself above me, and slowly i enveloped you with my arms, and we remained like this, me with the eyes close, and you who was softly kissing my neck. 
All that atmosphere was floating around us, and it seemed it was taking us in another place.
Despite we were relaxed, inside us, our hearts were softly beating strong, and everything we could was to loose us in the gaze of the other.
I touched your lips with a finger. 
“How much i love you” you said, after kissed it. 
Those words shaken me inside, and with just a deep and lascivious glance i gave my love to you back. 
All those emotions were overwhelming us, and they were collected in a single teardrop that fallen from my face. 
And inside that teardrop it was collected all that soft and sparkle pink/purple light, and slowly it became a small crystal.
You taken it in your hand, and we stared it breathless.
It was a precious jewel.
That tiny crystal was representing the essence of our love.
We looked at it, once again.
We kissed, and without realizing, we were sucked, inside of it.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


⇐“But as soon” – ♦47♦

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