It’s a craziness

What i’m feeling in these instants, and even the universe said it me: our connection is stronger than usual in these instants, and that’s true. 
I’m feeling your closiness surrounding me all around, and inside me. 
You are here, embracing me tight, and i can feel your voice that is calling me. 
I’m literally going crazy.
This was what the universe had wanted to tell us for a long time?
Despite we are living far one from another, were we destined to stay together, for real?
In these instants, my head is spinning like a spinning top, and i’m questioning me much questions: one above all. 
Are you feeling what i’m feeling right now?
I must to throw away all the air in my lungs to don’t make shake my fingers on keyboards.
My soft punch in the stomach is chocking me from inside, and i’m biting my lips. 
Everything what is happening it’s the most beautiful and weird thing in my life, and now i must whisper, even in your life.
Let me close the eyes, and let me still feel your arms embracing me tight to you.
My lump in throat dont’ make me swallow. 
Everything is like suspended, in awaiting for something, and in meanwhile our connection grow up, and our hearts beating at unison.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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