“But as soon” – ♦47♦

In front of the heavy grey door, we everybody stopped, and had stared the big X that the greenish slimy creature had left on it.
We threw away everybody the air from the lungs, even Trusting -Jack, metaphorically, speaking, but almost with not caring, we entered, and finally we had closed out, that universe that it was starting us to be a bit tight.
We remained breatheless for what we were seeing: just our apartement: that big room with that little corner in front of that red brick wall, that i had always loved from the very first time you have invited me in.
Sweetly i accompanied Giant Wolf to sit on the floor close the sofa, while i asked you to brought me the medication box from upstairs.
In those instants, was me, who was coordinating, everybody to help to make feel them comfortable, and to the eyes of others, i was doing this, with an incredible lighteness. 
I had to ask Giant Wolf to take off his tuxedo, but in a whisper he confessed me that he never took off that dress since when he was yong, and those little adjustements it were made by her beloved wife, but with the right words mixed with a big dose of sweetness, i conviced him to take off it, for better get him the right medication, and with all the attentions, i was able to took off the tuxedo from him.
I taken his old worn tuxedo, but in someways, well sewing, i laid it on the sofa, praying you to brought me a clothes hanger.
I was moving myself with such delicateness that Giant Wolf hadn’t felt nothing
Some wounds were deep, and each time i was cleaning them, Giant Wolf tightening the teeths, but each time i looked at him, his glance was always grateful, and i gave him back the same sweet gaze.
From when we got back in the apartment, it seemed that something, still more magical, had surrounded me. 
I was moving myself a such lightness among you, Giant Wolf and Trusting-Jack, and i was capable, even to snatch a smile to the puppy at the same time, while everybody were looking at me surprised for what i was doing, without any effort.
You was  sat on the stool of the kitchen, while Trusting-Jack was floating  by your side, and in silence were looking at me.
While i was whispering something to Giant Wolf to reassure him, i was feeling my heart start to beat hard.
Our hearts were starting to beat at unison, and when our glances met, by chance, everything became more magical.
In the air was breathing a softness that slowly, had surrouded everybody. 
Even, Giant Wolf the most marked from that bad adventure, was himself feeling better than he could be imagine, while i was giving him the latest cures, bandaging the latest wounds on his right paw.
I looked at him for a long second, then i whispered: “Done”, and he touched himself the last bandage, then in a deep glance he thanked me, saying: “I’m feeling, already better!” 
“Now you must only rest yourself” i replied him, looking at the others, but above all you who had nodded, and slowly you came to me, and you have helped me to got up from the little table where i was sit. 
My last reccomedation for Giant Wolf, before to go upstair with you, it has been:”You can sleep also there. For the next days the little storage isn’t indicated for you..sleep well.” and i gave him a sweet kiss on his forehead.
In silence, then we went upstairs and right after we have could hear the big snore of Giant Wolf.
Finally alone, in bedroom, one in front another, you have tightened me to you, and in a whisper: “Have you realized what you have done?” you have asked me, always more in love. “


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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