“We were crossing” – ♦46♦

Again the piazza in front of the pub when we had met the glance of the blue skinny tall woman who, this time, had just stared us with her chill glance, and with the usual empty tray in hand, she entred in the local. 
She seemed very strange in her normality. We looked at each other questioning us what she had in mind, but for that day, the only thing we wanted to was going to our apartment, and rest ourselves.
I wanted medicate the Giant Wolf’s wounds, and give to little puppy a warm blanket on which he could rest himself, for forget those bad moments that he had lived, and give him again that sense of peace that i promised him days ago.
And above all i wanted pass time alone with you.
But when we were about to enter in the dark alley, a blow of a fast wind has remixed again the cards in the table. 
Everybody in the piazza stopped, and we looked at each other with a great fear that everything could restart again, without to have no end, but fortunately it was just the undeground building engine, that little by little it was turning off.
In fact just after one of the longest minute, everything got back to the normality.
The red squared face creature, “chief of the police”, was able to get calm everybody in panic again, reading a sheet of paper that Joe had just gave him
They had all the informations that we had gave them, and in few minutes, Joe the dachshund had wrote a note, and runnig fast outside from the police station, he gave that hand written note to the “Chief of the Police”, who, with his baritonal voice was about to read aloud to all the inhabitants of that quartier.
We remained where we were to listen what Joe had wrote in that dispatch.
Without give further informations, Joe was informing the creatures that the dangerous greenish slimy creature was died and those shakes were the latest consequences of the distruction of an engine that putted in fuction all that changing in which everybody, in good or bad, were been chained from long time. 
While the red squared face creature was reading that note, Joe was pawing around all the creatures who were listening to, and at the end he came to us, and he thanked us alot.
At the end he said: “I will send some of my best men to check everything is ok… Thank again everybody”.
Looking at Giant Wolf wounds, seemed he wanted add something, but maybe he thought it wasn’t necessary. 
That one who added something, instead, has been the little puppy who said:” It was my dad to kill him, he hadn’t no mercy.
I want become like him” saying those words he jumped on the painful back of his dad, who smiled at him, replying him: “Already, you are like me strenght and brave.”
Looking at them first, then us, Joe thanked again, and he added: “Go to rest, you deserve it” and he saluted us, running fast between the other creatures who were wandering calmer in the piazza.
Now, we hadn’t any obligation to remain there, and slowly we directed us toward our apartament.
When we arrived in front of the yellownish building, we remained to stare it for a long minute in which we threw away the air from the lungs, then with Giant Wolf and little puppy, we were about to enter, and Trusting Jack stopped.
Slowly he was leaving us transforming in a soft grey light smoke, but we everybody have exclaimed: “Hey you, what do you think to do?” 
I left your hand, and i went to Trusting-Jack.
I whispered him, looking at his eyes sockets.” You can’t leave us, like this… now you are being part of this strange company… let’s in with us”.
With those few words put in row i was able to moved him, and without reply, i taken his skeletal hand, and with the head down, passing close to you, he whispered: “She is a unique woman…”
You looked at me breathless, leaving us enter in the apartment.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“When Trusting-Jack” – ♦45♦

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