“When Trusting-Jack” – ♦45♦

Looked at the green spot for the last time, it seemed that he had gave the definitve goodbye to her beloved, and he seemed calmer when has launched a glance to everybody present, and in a cough, he thanked us. 
Me, embraced to you, i said everybody: “Let’s go out!”, and everybody nodded.
We have left the big room, while the big engine was rebooting itself for another time.
Maybe, noboby else, would entered no longer, in that underground building.
We had made passed everybody ahead of us to be sure to don’t leave nobody inside.
We walked slowly toward that exit where we could see the sunlight. The shadow of Giant Wolf was obscuring that long and anonymous aisle, but for us it was beautiful looking at it, because it was rembembering us everything we had done till that instant, and the words of Trusting-Jack were acrossing our minds once again, and when we came out from there, and the the bliding sunlight made us close the eyes, i refuged myself into your chest, but  few seconds later, you taken my face between your hands, and our eyes meeting again, you whispered: “These eyes i want see for the rest of my life.” and we looked at each other, for a long minute without say nothing, while our friends from far, were observing us.
We threw away all the air in the body, even for throw away all bad things, we had seen in that building.
When we got back in that part of the quartier, it seemed us it were passed days, instead they were passed just few hours, but everything seemed changed. 
That sense of velocity in the air, was slowly dicreasing, and everybody were coming out from the pub. It seemed they were push out to breathe the new changing, and they understanding that it was no longer dangerous.
For a long moment they were suspicious glances. Even when the two detectives came out from the local, their gazes were suspicious, also more than the others, who were looking at around what was, really happened.
We were looking at the whole scene, when we have met the the gaze of the blue skinny tall woman, and with her phlegmatic way, she simply nodded.
She was the only creature who had immediately, understood that we were been capable to stop the greenish slimy creature: we nodded her back.
Just when we have seen the detective with the green necktie, we have could tell him everything trought the mind: we knew that, if we had normally spoken, we would could scare the other creatures, who for the first time, felt themselves free, from that vortex, that in someways it had chained them. 
Also the whole police station came out in street.
It seemed that all that crazyness was vanished, and now that big red creature with the squared face got back normal, and his “place of big chief” was reconquered again, and who could start to run freely, pretending to be a simply employee, was Joe the dachshund, the real chief of the police.
We everybody, remained a bit to stare all kind of creatures who wandering in the street without the fear to get stuck inside that fast changing, finally breathing a bit o freedom.
Embraced, i looked at you, and in a sigh i whispered: “Let’s get back in the apartment”
And slowly. everybody our friends has followed us.”


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