“When still”- ♦44♦

Everybody were staring the slimy creature in his green blood that was melting with it, just Trusting -Jack made a step in ahead.
“No, Jack!” i said, but it seemed he hadn’t hear me, you stopped me taking my arm, hinting a “No, let him do it”.
Slowly Trusting-Jack approached to the dying creature, and with a thread of voice, he said:”I have awaited for long time for this revenge, but it worthed. My beloved has died without a reason, and you have reduced me like this: between the life and the death, but now my death, haas a different taste. That one of the victory”
He was saying this, looking at him, while the green blood was becoming an uniform spot with the rest of the body it was liquefying.
We remained in silence till, even the last part of the slimy creature body disappeared in that green spot
I tightened myself to you, and you embraced me still more
In a sigh i said: “Let’s go out from this nightmare, please!”. I looked at everybody, and above all Giant Wolf, and his puppy, were with me.
You was still looking at Trusting-Jack, who was staring that spot, and in that spot he was reliving all the bad moments od his life, and it seemed that you could see them too.
Giant Wolf had taken in his great paw my hand, and with other, he was making jump on his back his son.
You had awaited for Trusting-Jack, who seemed, finally give a worthy greeting to his beloved, staring inside that greenish spot.
It seemed he didn’t wanted go away, and he was saying it to you, without say nothing.
Those thoughts were arrived even to me, and i moved me. 
 I stopped who was with me, and even Giant Wolf understood that delicate moment. 
We got back, and despite that green spot was really, disgusting and smelly, in Trusting-Jack’s mind were still resurfacing all beautifil moments with her beloved 
I left the paw of Giant Wolf to take your hand, and delicately you have pulled me to you, and our glances met
In those seconds we have estranged ourselves, even us in our memories, then Trusting-Jack has stared us, and after a silent glance, he said you: “If she is the most important person in your life, make all your possible to have her always by your side. Fight for her, and never go down to compromises, as i did. Never… Get it always on mind. Don’t make my mistake. Promise it me.” and he looked at me that i was embracing you tight. 
I was holding back with difficulties the tears, and you replied to Trusting-Jack: “She is… i promise it to you”.
I was looking at both of you, while my heart was going crazy. 
Trusting-Jack looked at us, and for a second his veiled eyes showed us which were their real color: a beautiful emerald color.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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