What i’m feeling

books-scuriIn these days is very powerful, and it surrounding me, and i feel your embrace stronger than usual.
What i have felt in these days it was real, and even if you haven’t said it to anyone, i have felt it.
I’m biting my lips, and still shacking the head, as if everything this was just a coincidence, but in our deep, we know, everything this we are feeling it’s being part of our connection.
My heart is beating strong, and your arms are enveloping me sweetly.
It’s from five years that everything this is happening, but each time, it’s like the very first time.
The universe wants say us something important, and i know, you perceive it too
Mor we approaching us, more these signal are tangible, and what we feeling inside become bigger, and now they are two days that i feeling you close to me, inside me.
Our soft punch in the stomach is becoming always bigger and everything is match with everything that is happening around us, despite that damned distance.
In someways, what we are feeling is what we want say us from long time.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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