“The Giant Wolf” – ♦43♦

Glance, even if it was  a bleeding gaze, now, it was regain something of his wild nature, and inside his eyes, it could see that last will strenght, that he believed have lost.
Once again, he was challenging the greenish slimy creature, who ask him, where we were, and why we were there.
From the hid angle, we could see the whole scene, and with Giant Wolf, you had shared some quick knowing looks
We understood that it would be hard to find the right moment to attack him, but Giant Wolf, as much he could, he would make us understand  when to attack.
From closer, we have seen that, also the slimy creature was bleeding. 
They had fought, even if the Giant Wolf, despite his measure and size, was in disadvantage.
The slimy creature had chained him before, but also we were hid, we had understood that he was bleeding copiously, because in front of him there was a blood spot, that slowly was becoming bigger.
Knowing this, maybe we were a bit advantaged, but maybe it was an
We were thinking all this, looking at the eyes of Giant Wolf  that were bloodshot, and slowly from an exhausted wolf ready to die, we have assisted to the reborn of a fighter. 
Little by little, in someways, he was recharging, and he was doing it, just looking at straight into the eyes of his jailer.
We could only, to observe that scene: in that instants , it was just a pshicological fight, and in those seconds the stronger it was Giant Wolf, who with a quick glance to us, had given us the go, just after formulating a question: “Do you want really to know where they are?”
“Finally, you was gave up” said the slimy creature going in front of him.
Their faces touched, and Giant Wolf in a whisper he said: “Not really!” and he looked at over his only thin shoulder, and instinctively the slimy creature turned around, and the first face he has met, it was your, then me, and one by one, the little puppy who was looking at his daddy proudly, and at the end Trusting-Jack.
He looked at us with his yellownish small eyes, in someways wide open. 
We were surrounding him, ready to hit, but who did it first move, it was just Giant Wolf, who didn’t move himself from where he was, attacking his jailer from behind with such violence that, finally we were seeing  him prevail, on the slimy creature, and all that violence has consumed itself in few minutes. 
We everybody remained to stare his personal revenge, because now it was regarding of a his revenge, while his dripping red blood was mixing with that one green of the greenish creature, by now,  semi unconscious.
When the little puppy ran toward his daddy, the Giant Wolf himself had forget everything.
Now they were existing only them two.”


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