From yesterday

142lewis_fondigranaIt’s like i had a boulder in my stomach, and our eletric shocks are communicating strong.
I feel your closiness closer than ever.
In someways you are here, despite our real distance.
I’m feeling your closiness like if you want tight me always more to you, as if you had fear to loose me, but you will don’t.
That soft punch in stomach is growing each day is passing by, and that magic that it has created, in someway, it is uniting us always more, and Our Parallel World, seems exist for real.
From yesterday i feeling you are embracing me strong, and everything is turning around our eletric shocks.
I knew, something it would be happen, and it has happened.
I’m still throwing away the air from the lungs.
If i tell everything this, they take me as crazy, but it’s what is happening to us from five years, and it’s the most beautiful sensation i ever felt in my life, and i’m feeling it with you, and it’s wonderful.
In my deep, i know, you are feel the same, there to other side of the planet.
My lump in the throat is making me crazy.
Everything i feel, i know it’s you, and it’s making beat strong the heart.
Everything it’s you.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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