“Among your arms -♦42♦

I was looking at you, while you was following the puppy and the light smoke of Trusting-Jack, and my heart was beating strong, and our eletric shocks communicating faster than usual.
Without say nothing, we were saying us that eveything it would going well. What it was spinning in our minds, now, it was that we had defeated The Nothing and Zora, we could even, to defeat the greenish slimy creature, even if some doubts was jumping in our minds.
But for sure, it wasn’t the right moment to have some kind of doubts like those, just when the light smoke of Trusting-Jack stopped in front of a different door from the others, and from inside, we could hearing the slimy creature who was still torturing Giant Wolf, while little puppy was pawing, waiting for us
He was ready to enter and unleash the chaos to set free his dad. 
But as soon we arrived, we have hear Trusting-Jack warning us to enter inside at the right moment.
We had glimpse inside, trought a small squared window of that heavy door.
But unfortunately, we haven’t see the two occupants inside, but just the big engine that seemed to occupy the entire room.
We have take a glimpse, even, above the the engine, and we had seen Trusting-Jack sat, still with the veiled eyes closed
It seemed, he was awaiting for something like a signal, o something similar to make us enter
After, being been able to stop that big engine, the machine itself has triggered noisy reboot, for each single section, and the right moment to enter in that room, it was just when that reboot was working, and Trusting-Jack was counting the seconds when the next reboot would be started to make us enter, without make us notice from the slimy creature.
The moment exact it would be, just one second before that the reboot started again, and he would open his eyes in that instants, and we would be entered.
We have instructed the puppy that could not see what was happening inside, but when  we had have the go to enter, has followed each thing i said him, even though he wanted to run to the slimy creature, and tear it to shreds.
In those  seconds, Trusting-Jack, was able to reaching us, and he said us that for better attack him, was from behind, and he has indicated us an hid angle  of the room, where we have could even take something to use like weapon if it was been necessary.
I looked at you who nodded, while i threw away all the air from the lungs, and my heart was starting to beat like a crazy.
Also for this, we have would wait another signal from Trusting-Jack to move ourselves, and it arrived just after few seconds.
While the slimy creature was  focus on Giant Wolf, Giant Wolf himself had noticed some shadows moving in front of him, and behind his jailer.
A glimmer of victory was turned on inside his glance, and once again he challenged the greenish slimy creature.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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