I felt you arrive, and sweetly you laid yourself next to me, and you embraced my belly, and i felt that you have tightened me toward you. I taken your arms and i tightened them more. 
Your sighes have surrounded me, and your words have said me everything you have wanted say me in all these period that we weren’t connect.
Now my head is literally going crazy. 
I’m feeling your closiness stronger, and i think it could be happen something. 
Our connection is surrounding us. 
You are smiling me, and despite the distance, i can perceive it.
It’s chocking the soft punch in the stomach.
Our eletric shocks are acrossing our minds: we are communicating.
My heart is beating hard: i must throw away the air from the lungs.
I’m sure, something magic has happened among us.
We are strongly thinking each other, and we are feeling it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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