“By now” – ♦41♦

We were in play, and we had must to play.
We were in that little room, waiting that little puppy was getting calm himself, but in someways we had hurry. 
We knew that the slimy creature had heard my scream, and it was time to take a long breathe, and look for to escape from there as soon as possibile.
In meanwhile, slowly, above the engine, from his the grey soft light smoke, was coming out Trusting-Jack who was looking for something to stop the creature who was inside there with Giant Wolf, by now, bleeding everywhere, and exhausted.
First of all we had must in safe the little puppy: taken him out from that building, and in someways, leaving him in good hands.
We both, had thought immediately to take him in our apartment, but he refused: it seemed he had take the courage again, and:”I don’t want go, i want to fight”.
Now, that he was free, he seemed to have regained the courage he had lost momentarily in that little room.
Despite that moment of weakness, he was son of the Giant Wolf, and everything what he had learnt, he had learn it from him, and now, he would have do everything to show everybody how much brave he was, and without doubts, we wouldn’t stop a son who wanted set free his dad.
We had looked at him speechless, and with him by our side, went in search of the room from where we have could hear the screams.
From his point of view, Trusting-Jack could take a glimpse  from above, while he was looking at himself around
He had known that we had set free the puppy, and now, it was the time to play seriously. 
But he knew, also, we didn’t know which direction take to arrive to that room. 
We could hear the slimy creature, but we were as disoriented.
Among the chaos of the screams of the slimy creature, and the slaps at Giant Wolf, mixed with the sweat and the blood,Trusting-Jack have sat in the middle of that big engine, closing that sort of veiled eyes he had. 
He was concetrating.
Slowly trought his skull it came out a new soft light smoke. It was different than  that one we had seen, when he entered across the broken glass of that window. 
Menthally he was reaching us, and that his smoking trace, it would have guided us till arrive that room, where for the very first time we would have face up to the greenish slimy creature.
All in a sudden, we stopped.
We could hear the voice of Trusting-Jack in our heads said us: “Follow that light smoke”.
For a second we looked at each other, with questioning faces: we were asking us: “What light smoke?”, when the little puppy has indicated it.
“That one, let’s run!” and he started to run, while we looked at each other, and without say nothing, you have taken me between your arms.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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