“That laboratory” – ♦40♦

It was the last room of that long and dark aisle, but in front of us it was presenting itself, another  long aisle that went to the right.
Another row of closed glass doors from which it were illuminating, now a yellownish aisle, with some antique  furniture, but what it hahad captured our attention was the opened door at the end of that walk.
It seemed us an opened door, because we hadn’t the certainty of it: we just could seen just a blinding light.
We threw away the air from the lungs, and we have accelerated the step.
We have could hear the greenish slimy creature still torturing Giant Wolf, inside that room, and we had to must to still find his little puppy.
We acrossed the aisle, with some anxiety, and at the end of it, we had found that the bliding light came from outside, where a small part of the sun had peeped out. 
It felt like, we had done the rounds, and we got back from where we were arrived: it seemed that, everything was turning, despite, we were going straight along that long aisle.
We stopped for reasoning on what to do.
“Maybe we entered by the wrong side” you said.
“Maybe it’s from here that we had must to enter. Let’s start again!”
You was speechless: admired from who you was looking at, and without waste other time, we started to walk again that yellownish aisle, and in someways, something was getting back to the right place, even if we haven’t understood what it was.
When we had acrossed the first aisle to enter in that last one, we haven’t noticed a small dark door to the left: it was the only one without the glass and it was masking itself well with the enviroment around.
We had noticed it just in that moment that we got back. 
We looked at each other, and we stopped in front and just in those instants we had hear a small yelp, and we had recognized the little puppy.
“He’s there inside” i sighed. I would wanted  let know him, that we were there, but i could not. 
I sofltly touched the door, while you was looking for something to force it 
All in a sudden, you left me alone, and without asking nothing, i knew you would come back soon.
I heard that you was looking for nervously, something inside the laboratory, and the noise of  something metallic was resounding.
Something like a tray, was fallen on the floor.
“Oh shit! i sighed”, but now we were there, and nothing mattered, therefore i screamed: “Luke hurry up!” 
You got back with a couple of surgical tools, and have tried to open the door. 
Just with the second one, you was able to open it.
As soon we entered, we had seen the little puppy chained on a chair with a lost glance, with his fur wet, as much he had cried.
I ran toward him, while you got him free.
Just free, he has embraced me strong, and i stared you who was looking at me, with short breath
The little puppy was shaking, and he didn’t wanted take off from me. 
We remained in that small room, just the time the little got calmed himself.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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