I’m throwing away

The air from the lungs.
All in a sudden i felt your closiness, and i stopped everything i was doing.
My soft punch in the stomach is growing each minute is passing by. 
I feeling our minds are connecting, and you are thinking me, despite now you are sleeping.
I feeling your arms tightening me delicately toward you, and your whispering words are entering inside me like a soft caress.
You are pulling me against you, and i feeling your arms sofltly touching my belly to continue  at my hips.
You eyes doesn’t take off from me.
I know you want say me something important.
The lump in the throat is chocking me, and now our connection is stronger than usual.
It were two day that i didn’t feel you, but now, you are here sorrounding me touching me, and above all whispering your sweet words. 
I’m biting lips, i can hear your vibrant voice inside soul, and my heart is beating like a crazy.
Everything is happening in silence, but inside me everything is shaking. 
For don’t going crazy i must throw away all the air in the body. 
Just with your glance, you are taking me in Our Parallel World, and it’s there, i want stay with you, making crazy our hearts at unison. 
I want dive myself in your eyes, like this, wondering myself of what is happening from five years, and it seems growing  always more, our connection get connect us one with another.
I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs.
I whisper what you, already know.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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