“We went down” -♦39♦

That stairs, and in front of that closed door, we threw away the air from the lungs, while you was opening it.
What it presented itself in front of us, it was a long  dark aisle. 
The only thing visible was the the brown and white squared floor. It seemed endless, but maybe it was our perception of that place.
It seemed, even that inside everything went slow.
Opened that door, we were sucked inside in a slow vortex, despite everything was motionless.
There were glass doors by a side  and a wood wall from the other one.
It seemed we  fallen in another period. An old period, but more we walking, more had noticed some painting on the wall. 
I stopped in front of one of these, and i was seeing a fat face of a frog well drawn with a kind of crown and a suit with the band of the mayor. 
You stopped behind me, and at the same instant we had the same thought.
I turned toward you with the questioning face. You shrugged. 
Slowly, we taken again that strange walk across that dark aisle. 
Just a weak light came from the glass doors that illuminating perfectly each single painting on the opposite wall, and in each painting it was rappreseting the same fat frog, year after year, mandate after mandate.
Him, always him, always first citizien of that city of which it belonged that quartier.
Just one door was breaking the scheme that we had met along that aisle.
It was the last door, and with big surprise it was open, and it seemed welcoming us, and even if we didn’t want enter inside, we entered.
At the contrary of the spectral but at same time warm aisle, that room looked like a cold laboratory, with blu tiles, and some surgical tools, and some newspapers sheets scattered on the floor.
You have collected them, and when you have read the big title, little by little  you was making an idea on who was the greenish slimy creature
On the sheet of the newspaper it was reading the defeat of The Nothing by the creators of the Parallel World. 
You called me, while i was examing all that surgical tools, and slowly i was reaching your same conclusion: from when The Nothing no longer existed, each evil creature has looked for to survive: before we had defeat The Nothing, the slimy creature was the mayor of that parallel city in which we had met us, and now he had found the way to transform himself for to don’t be taken. 
This was his palace, and once he knew we were in the city, he has wanted to challenge us. 
“He wants to see how far we want to go” you said, looking at straight into my eyes.
And we would have gone far beyond what we were doing that instants. 
Much beyond.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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