You arrtived, and now we are only in this bedroom, our connection is stronger than usual. 
I can feel your hands surrounding me, and your whispering words are enveloping me. 
Our minds getting connect each other.
Yesterday our eletric shocks made me feel thrill, and now your arms are sweetly embracing me.
In someways, we are there, in Our Parallel World, and there is all the peace which we have need. 
I’m looking at you, and delicately you are pulling me toward you, and despite all this distance, our souls are touching, and i’m feeling your hands tightening me much more to you. 
Your whispers making me going crazy and just right now our eletric shocks are crossing our minds.
You are delicately touching me, and i’m touching you. 
We throwing away the air from the lungs closing the eyes.
Despite everything, we know, we feeling something one for another.
All this is inside Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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