“When also” – ♦38♦

The last tiny of the grey soft light smoke part of Trusting-Jack entered in that moving building, we looked at each other, and we threw away all the air we had in body, and slowly we approached to the small squared window to see inside. 
The soft light grey smoke was slowly approaching to the big engine from above. 
Occasionally his soft smoke dispersed itself, to don’t make notice him.
Without realizing, we were looking all this, holding back the breathe, as if who was inside, could hear us.
As soon he landed on the big engine, automatically we looked at each other, and you pulled me much more toward you, sighing: “He made it!”
But now, he would must to find a big lever or something looks like, and at that instants he would have transformed himself again in Trusting-Jack to grab that lever or whatever it was, and there it would been the most dangerous instant for him. 
He would be discovered, and maybe all this have would worst, already, a precarious situation.
We hadn’t, not even, warned Joe or the two detectives, if we had further need.
We, and our desire to do own way.
Just in the following seconds, we were realizing everything it was a crazyness, and that the greenish slimy creature, wouldn’t hide himself, as Zora had done in Blue City, but he would fight fearless face to face, and he would hurt Giant Wolf again with no mercy, and we both knew that once exhausted, he would be passed at the little puppy
More these thoughts were running in our minds, more my desire to enter at any cost, made itself bigger.
You looked me straight in the eyes, and you knew that look, but you stopped me, embracing me from behind, guiding my glance inside that small window whispering:” Look!”
With impercetible movement the building was stopping, and to our right it was rising up an iron door with a small banner that indicating the entrance.
All in a sudden all those thoughts faded, and a small smile was being born on our faces.
I threw away all the air i had in the body, and when i felt your hands tightening my hips, i looked at you, and i said: “I love you”. 
As soon entered inside, you stopped me, and for an endless second everything we were feeling one for another, sorrounding us. 
You held back the breathe for then threw it away.
Just for an instant we would wanted to be in another place, but then a metallic sound has awakening us, and slowly we went down across a long and narrow stairs, where at the end of it another closed door was awaiting for us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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