“We moved away” – ♦37♦

From that squared window, and right after Trusting-Jack apparead again, and he looked at us questioning himself what we have would do now.
Surely, you would prefered, i would be remain in a safe place: that it was, what your glance was saying me, and whose would do the dirty job would been you and Trusting-Jack, in search of  an entrance of that underground building, and for sure you would be calmer if was went to the pub, but all that thoughts, while you was looking at me, were fading.
I would come with you, with or without your consent, and maybe in your deep you knew i had right.
“Ok, let’s move”, you said.
That building was a strange one. It seemed disappear underground then appear once again under our eyes.
We stopped for understand that mechanism.
We leaned us on a wall in front, and little by little we understood that it was always in a slow movement, and the room in which was Giant Wolf, it was the nucleus of that strange building, where a big engine was spinning everything.
“We should enter in that room” i said perplexed, and you with the same gaze, have nodded.
Slowly we turned us toward Trusting-Jack, who  looking for to be more invisible than usual, because he knew that part would not like him at all.
He was reading our minds as a crazy, and our common plan including just one name: his.
We threw away the air from the lungs, then we stared each other for a moment, and at unison, in a whisper we have called him, who was floating next that small squared window, looking for, already, an entry point, and without waste time, he came to us looking at us: “I will attempt to enter from that  broken glass”, and he showed it us. 
You seemed more discouraged than us others in that dark alley, but it was the only way, to stop the engine  to find the main entrance of that moving building.
“Entering in the wolf’s lair to set free another wolf it seems a nonsense”  it was saying Trusting-Jack, trying to become more invisible than usual, but his grey soft cloud could not become whiter than he was attempting to. It was the price that he had to pay, having challenged the greenish slimy creature in person.
We got back at the squared small window, and we everybody, have studied approximately the big engine inside that room, and his functions.
We weren’t engineers, but in someway, we had understood where Trusting-Jack, once entered, had  must to go and what to do.
Taking  tight your hand, while the other were taking my hip, i threw away all the air i had in body, looking at him transforming  in a soft grey light smoke, and when he entered in the building, we both, have closed the eyes.
Our hearts were beating like two crazies.”



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