“We looked at” – ♦36♦

Trusting -Jack, and without say nothing, he would have taken us where the greenish slimy creature had brought Giant Wolf.
For a while, remained in silence. It would been not easy for us, to understand how set free him, but we would made us an idea how we could move.
From the alley in which we were, we have followed Trusting-Jack in his floating, inside a zone of that quartier that we hadn’t never visited before.
Slowly we entered in another smaller quartier, and the sun high in the sky, seemed could not enter, despite there weren’t any sort of coverage.
There, the absolute master, was the dark darker. Just some red lights was illuminating the sidewalk.
It reminded us our dark alley in Blue City, but there it was totally different: at the end of that alley there was our storage room, in someway our peaceful place. Here instead, it was breathing an air of tension. Tension that could be cut with a knife.
Some sinisters screams echoed in that alley. 
We have understood that we were approaching to the greenish slimy creature hidden place, because Trusting -Jack was vanishing inside his grey cloud, and he totally faded in front of a squared small window, and he made us understand that was there the prisoner and the jailer.
That small squared window was facing on board of the street.
The building to which it belonged that window, it was build underground, and it seemed an abbandoned building.
We taken a glimpse inside.
Among pipes and a big structure with iron wheels and some stairs inside, we had glimpsed Giant Wolf chained on a simple chair that seemed, could broken up at any time. 
He had some bleeding wounds on his face, in the blood tears were falling.
He was replying to some questions that someone was asking him.
From our point of view, we could not see the other one, but from the cloud of Trusting-Jack was moving nervously around us, we understood that it was the greenish slimy creature itself to talk.
Beyond his slimy aspect, he had, also a hissing voice, that little by little it entering in your head, and slowly it becoming deafening. 
He was counting on that, repeating always the same question, and with the same rhythm as much to become an annoying noise, even for us outside the building.
He asking to Giant Wolf  who he was, and what connection he had with us, and above all:”Why are they come here?”
To the umpteenth time, he received no reply, he approached to the Giant Wolf and he slapped the big face. 
From a small room next to that one, we have could hear “No, daddy no!”.  It was his little brave son. 
We threw away the air from the lungs. We looked at each other.
I was ready to get inside and fight, but you have stopped me immediately. 
As soon you have heard the scream, had an idea: we had to must just understand where it was the little puppy, and as soon, we had found him, make him understand that we have would act faster as possible.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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