“For a second” – ♦35♦

We looked at each other, then we both had stared the skinny floating skeleton, and slowly we nodded. 
We nodded to study a plan to flush out the greenish slimy creature.
From the police we had intuited that he, like a vampire, didn’t like sunny places and he prefered hid himself in the darker angle of the quartier, acting just in the night.
And it was what our new friend had confirmed us, once we had say that, we had told him the very first time that we had seen that creature.
“Maybe he was trying to make hostage him, when you both, came down in the street” he said. We have could confirm that his hypothesis, then slowly i turned my face toward you looking at you with wide eye open, then: “Maybe that X on the door of the apartment, it was a his reminder” 
Now, everything was matching like small pieces of a puzzle.
I was looking at the skinny floating creature, and i was asking myself what it was his name.
“Call me Trusting-Jack” he said at the end. It was useless say him who we were.
Slowly, our names were spreading, and two “creatures” look similar to those persons who had defeated The Nothing were going around the quartier, and even the most stupid soon it have would understand that those “strange creatures”, were us.
“As soon i understood who you were, i followed you from far, and when the two detectives have left that table for make you sit, i catched the opportunity to come to speak with you. They know my background: they aren’t been capable to save my beloved, but now i want show them that i’m changed. Now i want to help, and not create chaos, when i was alive.” 
I was thinking how was he dead, and he smiling said:”Don’t have fear to ask it, honey”
I looked at you surprised: also Trusting-Jack knew read the mind. 
He unfastened the leather jacket, and under the white vest, three of his ribs were heavyly broken, still dangling.
I threw away the air from the lungs, then Trusting-Jack said:”They have hit me to death, leaving me die bleeding in a dark alley. Nobody noticed me, when one day i woke me like this, with a note of the greenish slimy creature. And from that day i’m floating looking for my little revenge…”, and now it would been a big revenge, and what everybody we were thinking about.
Slowly but not that much, we were arriving to the conclusion of  all this speaking.
After a quick glance, who spoke first, been you asking Trusting-Jack where it could stay our friend Giant Wolf with his little puppy.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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