“Outside the pub” – ♦34♦

We had still stared the bussiness card, and then we looked at each other.
We still didn’t know what to do, but we didn’t wanted wait to have just news from the police, and who know when they have would given us them.
So we had taken that decision in a fragment of second. 
In a semi desolate quartier, you pulled out the piece of paper with that few instructions you had transcripted, and you have read them aloud, so i could listened them.
“If you have this business card, it’s because you have met me: I don’t show myself directly: If i said you, i can help you: I CAN! For contact me trought this card describe me aloud, as you me  glimpsed…” 
It what it was written on that business card, and the hologram it was showing just a floating silhouette. 
Good or bad, me i was the only who had seen that skinny creature, and you was looking at me. 
I knew that i must had to focus myself to describe aloud him, to call him. I closed the eyes for an short instant, and i threw away the air from the lungs
“You are skinny, white, very sinuous, bald, and i think you wear a jacket, and…” i was about to continue, when throught a soft grey cloud it apparead him, with on just a black leather jacket with some chains attached. 
And it was so skinny and white: he was a floating skeleton. He had no feet, and instead of them, he had a sort a pointed soft cloud, and with that he walking, or better floating.
Under the black leather jacket with sonorous chains he wore a simple white gilet to cover his bare parts, and pinned to the neck a red bow tie.
For a while, we remained to stare at him floating around us, and his sonorous chains accompanying his floating, and that sound it seemed, almost, it was hypnotizing us.
After this silent know each other, he confirmed what he said us inside the pub: “I can help you to find your friend faster than police itself”
We held back the air for a second, then we threw away it.
We had fear to ask him, but at the end you asked it him: “How?”
After a long pause he began.
“Once, i was being part of a gang that during that changing, was adding further terror to this chaos. We captured alot hostages, always for two three days.
We have asked something in change, but nobody never did it .just one: me, and i paid it with life.
Now i want  to change this situation.
You have right: your friends has been taken by the greenish slimy creature “
From his story, we had understood that the gang had captured someone to which he cared much, but he had challenged the gang, and at the end, he was killed, just because he wanted go out from that horrible thing, but his damnation, it was that he would have wander under that floating form, till all this would be finish, and till now, it would not finished till someone would dethroned the greenish slimy creature.
“And maybe that someone could be you”, said, looking at first you then me.
We looked at each other without say nothing.
We have only threw away the air from the lungs
Also here The Nothing, had left his tracks.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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