“We staring”- ♦33♦

At that card breathless, and we launching gazes at each other, questioning if we could trust, or if it was a trap.
Just after that we had examineted it well, we realized that  aso it was an animated card.
That skinny floating creature, hadn’t given us further instructions to follow: he just made fall that card on the floor next to our table.
In that card, as inside a hologram there were all the contacts, if we had decide to call him for give us his help.
We looked at each other, and at the same instants, we threw away the air from the lungs.
Maybe, we had to must try also this way.
In reality, we were very doubtful.
“What do you think about it?” you asked. For sure i didn’t wanted wait for other hour, and that it was you was looking at inside my eyes.
In thse instants, the only words that resounding me inside my head, were those of Joe that he said:”… then we find them two or three days after, lost and confused”, and in those words i could see, already the Giant Wolf’s glance scared than usual, and i was thinking also to his little puppy, already trained for that kind of stuff, but he was still young: he was just a puppy.
A thunderstorm of emotions crossed me, and you have could see them just staring me. 
“I care much to those there” i sighed, while a tiny teardrop fallen from my face. “They helped me much to face up when that big force divided us from Blue City, and i thought to see you not longer” i added, while you soflty was taking me the hands. We held back the air, and in those seconds we both we have relive those days in that silent city.
You taken in hand the business card, and in a sheet of paper left there from the detectives, you have marked the coordinates that card was indicating for find that skinny floating creature.
By now the two iced glass of beer, were not longer iced and they were about to end.
We had decided to attempt, even this way, if ever the police wasn’t arrived to nothing.
We got up from our table, and with some malincholy, i stared the little hole in the table, and i touched it, and i smiled.
You just was looking at me, waiting for me, then with all sweetness, you taken my hand, and as, to arrive to the table, for go out, we shoved all the creatures we met in that narrow aisle.
We met the glance of the blue skinned tall woman, always leaned on that piece of the wall, always with that empty tray in hand.
We didn’t still understood if she was an employee of the pub, or whatever else client.
Standing still, she looked at us, and has noticed that business card that you had in hand. She looked at it  for a long second, then she looked at us once again with her chill glance.
From her gaze, we had understood, she knew that skinny floating creature, but didn’t make us understand, if he was one of which we could have trust in, or not.
Her chill glance guided us till the exit of the pub.
In the air it was still breathing the wave of that fast changing.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓



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