“Outside” – ♦31♦

The police station we remained stand still to think what we had seen inside, and we had deduced that Joe was the real smart creature in the police station, and at the end, he was him to sent ahead the whole administration of that police district.
He had adobted that furious style of life for don’t be overwhelmed by those strange changing, and maybe he was the only creature menthally stable in those hours.
Now we had understood many little things that before we hadn’t catched.
The behaviour of the police station, was  reflecting itself on the behaviour that we had notice in some creatures in the street: same nervous jerks and the same eyes bloodshot. That it was the comon denominator of that changing.
We looked at each other, and without say nothing, we had taken a look to the old pub of Philip, and with some scare, we directed, there.
In the street fell a silence, and just now the few creatures remained outside, were awakening from that status of momentaneous crazyness.
Despite it was still breathing the fast vortex, everything seemed got calmer, but it was just a pious imagination. 
Everybody were inside that vortex, and till that fast thing wasn’t faded, nobody could not do nothing.
We stopped in front the entrance, and with some fear, we have see what it was inside. We slowly had leaned the faces on the glass door.
What we had seen it seemed a normal day in that blue pub. 
Crowded by all kind of creatures: who to the counter, who sat at the tables, and the blue skinned tall woman with the tray in hand, but everybody stand still, and just someone was starting to moving. 
In that instant, we had understood, also, that pub it was like safe house for the inhabitants of the quartier, and just in those instants after we had realized, also why in all that pub, just my old table was remained the same and it wasn’t touched by the modern restructuring: there has been our  very first share of our glances, and day by day, gaze by gaze everything we had felt it was spreaded in all the pub, creating a magic invisible shield. 
That’s why the whole quartier, it was almost always empty: inside every creature were feel itself in safe.
Realizing of that, without further doubts, we came in. 
Inside there was just small buzz, while everything and everybody were awakening. 
We knew, and we wanted to go to the two greenish detectives sat at my table, and just from there it came from the light buzz.
The detectives were speaking, and as soon we arrived, they both immediately got up. 
From our stunned glances, they have perceived, what we had understand, and we had need to sit down, and there was a better place than that one?
Without to open mouth the two detectives moved themselves away to the long counter, but you have stopped them: you wanted talk them about the Giant Wolf and his little puppy, but you was immediately interrupted by that one who had the green necktie.
“We know already everything. Joe has informed us, as soon you came out from the police station” he said, elongated us two iced glass of beer.
We remained stunned. 
Looking at each other, we have understood, even another thing: Joe the dachshund was the real chief of the police station.”



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