“Joe the dachshund”- ♦30♦

Was in front of us, without say nothing, with the pen in his paw, ready to take some notes, when we would be ready to speak.
We got prepared for all this by the blue skinned tall woman, but to see all the police station in that mess, it made us stunned, and we remained still more confuse to see the dachshund sat at the chief desk as if nothing it was happenning around.
“This time it has been stronger than usual” he said us, drawing doodles on that  white papers, in awaiting of us speaking.
It seemed he had all the time of the world, while outside, the world itself, seemed exploding.
The only thing that i have noticed, it was the paw was pawing under the table: even if he was sat down on that comfortable chair, it seemed that, however, something it annoying himself, and he was just waiting to run out from that office. 
But he remained there staring us.
I taken courage and i have said:”Someone to  we care much is vanished, during…”
“But what news!” he said with a tone of sacarsm, taking note what i have said on that paper, by now full of doodles.
He threw away the air from his little body, and he looked at us seriously, he said:”I excuse myself. When it happen all this..”, making spinning his paw in the air “It happen always, i mean someone disappear, and much often it found after two three days in in a state of confusion.”
“Oh no!” i sighed looking at you, while you was tightening my hand always more.
“But we believe that it is not the changing the reason. We believe someone has catched him and his son, making believe that has been the changing”
Joe face changed once again: “You said ″and his son″, so therefore, you are saying me that are two the disappeared right?” You nodded. 
Even us, were a bit confused: we have explained him that when we were naming Giant Wolf, it was always included, also his little puppy.
“Ok, don’t worry, it’s ok” said the dachshund, who has taken a new white paper, writing again and in order everything from the begin.
Then looking at you with a questioning face, he said:”By chance, is it the big wolf who was with you the first time you came here?”
With a sparkle inside your eyes, you replied just saying: “Yes it’s him, yes!”.
Now, even Joe the dachshund, had a perfect view of our situation, and he added:” How don’t forget a creature of that measure and size, and now he had all our attention, while outside the chief office, the big mess was decreasing, but ocassionally, some papers was crashing on the closed glass door. 
While he was taking note of each our words, he was looking at us, and just at the end of what we have said, he asked us who could be who have would taken our friends, and just when we have said at unison:”The greenish slimy creature” in the office, fallen  a silence, and Joe, the dachshund, looked at us impassive, but he wrote that name with shaking paw.
We looked at each other in silence.
Silent he nodded, assuring us that when everything got back to the normality he would have put to the attention what we havd said him to the chief, who have would taken a rapid decision of who have would take our case.
Slowly we thanked him and we came out from that unrecognizable police station.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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