“We wanted to do” -♦29♦

Something for our friends. Not we wanted, we had to found them, at all the costs: it was what there was written in our glances, each time they meeting. 
It was a thing that we had to do immediately.
While you was thinking to all the possible consequences, i got out again the little bag that we had prepared in the previous hours, knowing that we wouldn’t got back in the apartment till we had found them.
You was  still thinking, or better imagining what we have would meet outside.
Our connection was strong, and what it was crossing in your mind was crossing mine too.
You was still on the couch, while i was waiting for you next to the warm storage that Giant Wolf and his little puppy had adopted as their shelter. 
I hadn’t noticed that Giant Wolf have taken a blanket and have laid it on the floor for had something soft on which sleep.
This thing made me close the throat, and i had stared it as much long that i didn’t noticed you, now, was next to me. 
In that blanket there was that his gesture, that it collecting all his kindness in everything he was making. 
“He doesn’t deserve all this….” i sighed, while i was taking that blanket putting it in the bag.
You threw away the air from the lungs, while you was looking at me. 
You didn’t know his whole story, but you knew that i would have told you in a short time.
Not even, we had put it right everything what we had found in disorder: we didn’t care of it now.
We just knew, that we had to go out, and try to take a glimpse to all hidden places of that quartier. 
We made us and idea of who would have taken them away, and before to go to the police station, we wanted try to do own way, also because that quarter, despite could be big, it was just a suburban neighborhood
But as much it could be small, once in street, we have met some difficulties to explore it in all calm, even if in that instants we had no really need of the calm.
As the blue skinned tall woman, have said us, much of the creatures who we were meeting in the street, asking themselves, who we were, since we were the only two kind of our species, and around, it was telling about legends about two unique creatures like us, and more those voices went around, more the buzz that someone had met that creatures it was spreading, and more we realizing it was impossible go foward.
We have decided to go to the police station. 
There, at least, we have would meet someone who didn’t care who had in front, and it making his work, it have wouldn’t make further and useless questions.
But we hadn’t taken in count the changing. 
When we entered, we have assisted a total changing of the personal inside that police station: it seemed they were taken by crazyness and their eyes were bloodshot, and all the folders with all the papers of the cases scattered on the floor, and there was a deafeaning noise. 
We remained dazed, speechless. 
We have thought that everybody there were go crazy. Instead only one, running faster than usual, it was the more calm.
He was Joe the dachshund. 
We looked at him, while he accompanied us inside the room of his chief, who now was throwing out all the papers in the air.
He had closed the door behind him, and he sat down on the brownish leather chair, assuming a serious face: a really serious face. 
He was the only to take under the control everything, even  with door closed.
“What’s your problem” he asked, looking at us firm in his position, taking a pen in front of him, ocassionally, taking a glimpse on what was happening outside the narrow office with the rectangular window with the green shutters.”



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