“Even if” – ♦28♦

I didn’t wanted show it to you that vortex it had me shocked much. As much that for a while i wanted hide me among your arms, and you silently, you have embraced me strong, without say a words: ocassionally, you have whispered:”It’s everything end”, and everytime you said it, i sighed, and in that short breathe there was all my love i had for you.
We both had seen something incredibile strong and powerful.
Not even, our biggest love, that had defeat Zora in Blue City, it had scratched it.
Everything seemed so calm after that fast vortex that had involved all the quartier.
All in a sudden, i lifted myself, and looking at you with wide eye open, whispered:”…the Giant Wolf!”
You have shared the same worry glance with me, and you was about to went downstairs, when i said “I come with you!”
You have looked at me  perplexed what we would have found, and in your deep, you have would wanted that i remained in the bedroom, but when you have seen that sparkle inside my eyes, you knew, that there were nothing that it have could stop me.
In the previous hours, we hadn’t seen or listen something noises, or more specifically the big snore of Giant Wolf, while he sleeping with his little puppy. And during the fast vortex, we were overwhelmed by that tornado, and above all we were trying to survive.
Just after few minutes of  total menthal absence, we got back to the reality, and the furry faces of our friends were got back in my mind.
We remained a bit in silence for understand  if we could listen to the big snore of Giant Wolf…
Not even a little noise. 
Our scared glances met. We remained still for a couples of seconds, and right after i’ve tried to call Giant Wolf, but that call has died in my throat, so you called him again, with more emphasis, but also to your call there was no response, and a sense of real fear it has overwhelmed us.
In hurry, you have taken me in your arms, and we went downstairs, calling them again, but in that big open space resounding  just our voices, and just at end, we have realized that the heavy grey door was open, and someone entered in the aparment overturning some stuff.
We just could imagine what was happened. 
My head was about to explode again and that sense of vomit, it was risen up inside me, once again.
Everything was spinning fast around, it seemed it was spinning fast also inside me. I knew it was the same for you, but for now, you was been capable to hide it better than me.
You have accompanied me at the sofa. I must had to take me again, and you have give me some water with sugar.  It was like i had seen a ghost, and now i felt myself responsable on what it was happened to Giant Wolf and his little puppy. 
I’ve assured them that in that apartament there was no any risk of danger, and now they were vanished.
I felt so weak in all sense, and you have could see it through my glance.
“We will find them” you said me giving me the glass of water and i drank some sips, looking at you, while our hearts has began to beat at unison.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓



⇐“The changing” – ♦27♦

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