“The changing” – ♦27♦

It arrived just few hours before, and this time it was like a real tornado. 
Like a vortex inside everything motionless, it seemed had desire to take life and run away from that place. 
All that energy was tangible in the air, and in someway, it was get inside us, while our orgasm was vanishing.
It seemed, we wanted explode again.
That fast spiral had involved us emotionally, and it seemed, in someways, it wanted challenge us. 
We could see that invisible velocity. It was tranformed itself under form a continuos blòw light of wind, and it entered in the bedroom making move the soft white curtain of the big window that it was on opposite wall of the door.
Its challenge it was there, and it seemed it would stopped, only if we… 
In someway, we would have to expected it, and all in a sudden you have taken that decision. 
Delicately, smiling me you got out from me, and you whispered: “Wait…”
You was laid yourself next to me, while this fast sensation was overwhelming us.
My skirt was covering again my legs.
You didn’t have lifted it, but just moved it away a bit, and your hand has soft touched the inner tigh, and sweetly you have said me to close the eyes, and in a sigh you have said:”I do it…”
Fastly my breath has become short, and i started again to moan.
It seemed everything it seemed to fall down and to rise up in those instants, at the same moment. 
Just few seconds before of my second orgasm, you have noticed that, but you have continued to play with my pleasure till the end. 
There were two kind of energies on that battlefield that looking for to get the better of it.
The orgasm you have given me has been so powerful, and the only thing i have could do has been stare at you grateful of what you have just did, but i knew, even, it was a test, but it didn’t have worked. 
On the contrary.  
From the opened window, it entered a spiral faster than that one before, and it has taken us, making us fly in the air outside the apartment, like two crazies. 
Just few times we touched, and we weren’t able to hold our hands.
That spiral was too much fast, and we have thought that it have would launched us in another dimension, but fortunately, it wasn’t like this.
Like two spinning top, we have noticed that we were spinning around over just the small quartier, and everything was changing again, inside that fast twirling.
Then, like kicked from a fast and strong thrust, we fallen inside our bedroom, as if it wasn’t happened nothing we fallen on the floor of it. 
Immediately, you have assured yourself i was ok, asking:”Is it ok?”
I, only looked at you. I nodded, but right after i ran in bathroom, and there i vomited, even the soul. 
I came out from the room, looking at you, and you didn’t have said a word.
Even for two steps, you have taken me in your arms, and you have laid me, once again on the bed. Sweetly you laid yourself next to me, caressing my face.
Surely i wasn’t well.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓


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