“Our friends” – ♦26♦

Slowly got in inside in their warm storage. The little puppy was exhausted for everything had seen in that quartier, and after eat something the Giant Wolf had salutated us, and his son came to us and he have wanted some caresses. In a sigh i said him: “Today you you’ve been very brave…” and i looked at Giant Wolf who was waiting for him to enter together inside their shelter to rest. He nodded, and  rapidly they were become one only ball of fur.
Finally it fallen a silence in the apartment, and our breathes slowly were merging one another. 
It seemed, like relive again that embaressement of our very first glances in that bar that, by now, it not longer existed, but yet we knew what we wanted.
We have started to feel our hearts beating strong,  and after a long time, our eyes meeting, and slowly we touched. 
My name flew in the air, at the same instant i taken a flap of your shirt, and almost unconsciously i soft touched skin just with a finger. 
You was looking at me, like this, with that lascivious glance, while everything was becoming slower,even our moves, but it what we wanted, and it wasn’t for all the situation that surrounding the quartier.
Everything had must go slow, and it was what we wish: even our emotions.
It was like we were in front one another for the first time, and we wanted to kiss us, but a force stronger than us, it was avoiding us to do that.
We looking at each other, then all in a sudden, that kiss you wanted  give me it has exploded, and that shirt you had on it has fallen over your arms, and faster than you could, you taken me and you have brought me upstairs, in the bedroom. 
You have laid me on the matress, and without take me off your glance, you lifted my skirt till the hips, and delicately you have opened my legs. There, your hands has pulled down the briefs, and then your body has slided a couple of times on mine, then you have penetrated me with a such roughness that my moans were became small screams.
Each thrust inside me, i got wet myself always more, and you was more in the most soft warm and wet place in which you ever been, and i could see it trought your eyes set on me. We taken delight, looking at each other, while our moans were taken us inside our personal spiral, where we have would the maximum of the pleasure.
The orgasm was about to arrive and we were looking at the most beautiful person that we were feeling inside us blooming in his magical beauty. The contractions has made us feel out of  each dimension we were in in that moment. Now, what it was countining were our sensations that slowly and fast merging one in another. 
In those seconds, that it seemed had no end, our souls seemed came out from our bodies, and they got uniting them in a spiral dance, and slowly they were vanished in a light soft white thin cloud.
But beyond our union, it was happening something else, and it was revolutioning, once again everything.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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