“Who have salutated” – ♦25♦

Us was the detective witht the green necktie. That one who was able to read the mind, and he have directed his first glance to you then to me, In his glance there was the certainty that we would meet us again. You have nodded him, like thank him for haven’t stop us, and he give it back the gesture.
He was sat at the bottom of the pub, in that angle of the local that it seemed didn’t have been touched by any changes  of the time: that wooden curtain, and maybe with the same table with the tiny hole.
I remained speechless, and it seemed i was get inside a personal spiral, where everything spinning around that table, now occupied by those black dressed greenish creatures.
Tightening my hips, and guiding me outside the pub, you have whispered me “That one is one of the detective, and he is able to read the mind… He knows who you are”.
The Giant Wolf with his little puppy on his back, has opened the door, and everybody we came out. 
We stood stand still outside the pub, taking again breathe from everything what we have listened inside.
I was still dazed from what i have as soon seen. In that futuristic blue pub, “my table” was remained as i rembembered it.
“…but maybe it isn’t the most important thing to which i should think about…” i said myself, meeting your eyes while your was embracing me, and slowly you nodded.
Everything still went slowly: the cars in the street, the inhabitants on sidewalk, and only few creatures have entered the path that the leaf face have indicated us, but we have would must to wait that they had reach their arrive point to cross it. 
It was a one way preferential lane, and it was the only one in the quartier. 
As soon we have could, we have crossed it. Just one thought was crossing the mind of everybody, and it was just a happy thought: we have would could appreciate once again to enter in our apartment.
Arrived in front of the rusty gate, now all my fear was gone, and i just wanted lay me on the couch, and i crossed the rusty gate with all  contempt. The Nothing didn’t longer existed, and now we had to think to sweep away these little tracks that it had left behind. 
Opened the heavy door, you have taken me among your arms and you ran toward the sofa, and with me, you threw yourself on it, and we looked at each other for a long endless time, while the Giant Wolf with his heavy step, was making shaking the floor, while he was going in the kitchen, while his little furry son was happy to being got back again in the apartment and he ran everywhere.
We had left him play with his joy, but after, we have involved Giant Wolf in our reasoning on what to do:
That day it has been full of informations that little by little we were collecting, and slowly putting them together, we were making us a general idea.
You sweetly have taken my hand, and our glances meet in a sweet smile.
Almost without realizing that i was speaking aloud, i have said:”We  have  defeat The Nothing in Our Parallel World, Zora in Blue City, but this is the real proof that they have left something behind them…” and Giant Wolf in a sigh has added the silent city from where he did come from. We both have stared at him and we nodded.
“You have right” i have continued -“In each dimension or city in which we were been, big or small, we have have seen their tracks, and for sure we will find the way to stop this craziness, also here”.
Slowly your hand was tightening mine. I have could feeling your blood run fast in your veins.
You was staring the woman of which you fallen in love with time ago, and now you wanted  kiss her.”



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