I’m thinking you

And you hammering my head. I feeling your closiness despite all that distance that it divide us.
I can see your gaze inside mine, and i feel you are loosing yourself.
You don’t know what say. You just look at me, and slowly you are approach yourself to me. 
Delicately you are embrace me, and sweetly you spinning me toward you.
You soft touch my face, and in your face a shy smile, and some sweet whispered words come out from your mouth.
My lump in the throat is growing up.
Delicately you taken my hand, and you making it slide inside your shirt.
I hold back the breathe. 
Everything is becoming blurry. You hold tight my hips, and our slow dance begins, and you whisper me “Close the eyes”, i stare at you. You nod. Sweetly you touch my face and delicately your lips leans on me, and you start to kiss me in a endless kiss. There our every feelings surrounding us.
I open again the eyes, and your are piercing my soul.
One my whisper, and i soft touch your face till arrive to your neo. °
You let me do, then sweetly take my palm and delicately you kiss it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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