“Among the deafeaning” – ♦24♦

Noise of the pub,in that table there was an incredible silence, and we everybody were staring the blue skinned tall woman, who was examining us, one by one, but in my deep i knew, she have would talk just to me.
She was of a such beauty, and i was remained to stare each of her particular.
Some small moles covered her face skin, and they seemed stood out over her heavy make-up 
Her lips were of cherry color that fading on a strong orange, her nails taking again the color of her lips.
What has impressed me much it has been the hairstyle. It was like you have describe it to me: it was a ’50 hairstyle, and for real, it reminded that one of the Chameleon Woman in Blue City, but instead being black, they were orange, and among them there were some blue and green ribbons that were take again her eyes color. Like the Chameleon Woman, i remained totally affascinated by her.
She knew that i was examiniung her in all smalls particulars. She was doing the same with me.
Under the table i could feel your hand tightening delicately mine, and with some holding, i was communicating with you. 
Your glance was running among mine and that one of the blue skinned tall woman.
For the Giant Wolf and his little puppy, it seemed that it wasn’t happening nothing special. On the contrary, it was happening much.
At the end, after that long sharing of gazes, the silence was broke up by her linear tone of voice: “The defeat of Zora in Blue City spreaded itself till here, and we he had some consequences.” she haven’t finished what she wanted say, because i stopped her, and i immediately looked at you, and right after in your mind it has exploded, the last image of Zora we have seen: a grey big cloud was transforming itself in a fast spiral that  was leaving Blue City, and without add nothing else, she just nodded. She, already knew, what it would be next question, and she  was, already, answering to it: “And yes the slow flow it’s our work, but it has also some internal problems” and we have nodded, explained her that we had met the leaf face, who have said us about the slowness inconvenience.
She sadly nodded, but keeping always her chill glance.
After show us the general situation in which they were, she approached herself to us, and slowly she said: “Few of inhabitants know who you are, and you are here, but in short time everybody will does know it. For now, it’s better that you get back from where you arrived. 
The slow flow it will last still for  twelve hours or less, then everything will starts again. This is the period we can breathe again.” and she looked at herself around, looking at the other creatures a bit more calm than usual.
In deep, you knew that we had finished to talk, and you have looked at me, with such admiration and sweetly you have tightened my hand
Your head was hammering for everything she what had said, but what you was able to do in that instants, it was just stare at me, while i was still looking at her and the enviroment that it was developing itself around us. 
While that strange atmosphere around us was itself fading, the buzz of the pub was increasing, and when we got up, one glance have catched our attention. 
It has touched his hat in sign of salute.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

⇐“It seemed” – ♦23♦

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