“It seemed” – ♦23♦

That everything spinning around us. In its normality everything seemed went slower. 
Those didn’t touched by this general slowness were us and few creatures who were walking in the street, and that glance it was always set on us. 
It seemed we were surrounded by a slow vortex, and when we felt touched by something that it has touched our ankles, we have looked down on the concrete and a thin voice has said “From this way”. It was a small brownish leaf face, who knew how take advantage from the air currents, even if minimum. “Do you want  go toward the pub, isn’t” he asked whirling fast in this kind of preferential lane. He said us “Follow me!”, and without say nothing we had followed it. 
Meanwhile we were in the middle of the street, the blue skinned tall woman, has entered in the pub, without waiting for us. She knew that we have would find her inside. 
The brownish leaf face taking the flight inside a small vortex faster, said us: “Good luck!” and we have see it fly up to the sky, and it have screamed us to follow the same path to get back, if not we have would be overwhelmed by that slowness that it was surrounding the whole quartier, and for get back from where were arrived, we have would put the double of the time.
“What strange thing…”  sighed the Giant Wolf, looking at us one by one.
In that dimension, our quartier, it was in the middle of two elements: the fastness and the slowness, and from what we have understanding one looking for to stop the other and the other way around.
You looked at me just for a second, and in that second i have understood what you wanted say me.
I threw the air from the lungs, one instant before enter in the pub, and i took a glimpse to the building next the pub. I looked up my glance toward that small window that it faced itself in that crossroad. It was still there. That small window of my devoid color little room.  In that little instants i looked for your embrace, and without say you nothing, you have immediately embraced me, looking at the same point.
Okay, it was the time to enter. The Philip Bar not longer existed, but as soon i came in, i have could feel its smell that it had always distinguished him. 
I looked at me around, and between creatures of each size and measure, i was feeling myself observed. It was her.
 She had still the empty tray in hand, and she was leaned on the blue wall, at the same place of the first time that you have noticed her.
With a slow nod, she indicated us the table next to her. 
It was a simple table but with the bench that rembembered my semicircular bench at the bottom of the Philip’s Bar, and it was what i was thinking when i sat there, and you and me remained breathless when she said with her chill voice: “We have wanted kept it just for this reason”. 
We both have looked at her, like this, without words, while, also the Giant Wolf and his little puppy sat with us, without say a word: they would be just the audience of this meeting, And they already, knew it.”



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