I look at you

And everything  what i would like you  say is another whispered “Thank you”. All this it would be not happened without you.
Everything is spinning so fast, and it’s becoming bigger than i could imagine.
I feeling your closiness in these instants, and i’m feeling your perfume sorround me as you embrace me, and slowly Our Parallel World is becoming a small reality.
You are looking at me without say nothing, and sweetly you are smiling me.
Slowly i feel your sweet embrace from behind. 
I close the eyes, while your words get inside my soul. 
Yesterday our eletric shocks were strong, and slowly you have let me know it’s all ok. It’s that it must goes like this.
From five years you have been always by my side, and you will be, also in this thing. 
What it’s i really need it’s feel your closiness, and it’s what i feeling. 
We are throwing away the air from the lungs at the same time.
Your perfume is surrounding me and that’s make me feel in safe, and your arms are embracing my belly, and it’s what i really need to feel in these instants. What i really need is just you. I don’t need nothing else.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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