“We were ” -♦22♦

About to cross the grey heavy door, we everybody held back the breath, and when you have closed the door just a big deaf sound has filling the empty apartment inside.
Maybe we wouldn’t have see it no more, or maybe yes: none of us knew it.
Something similar to the void have sourrounded everybody, above all us.
We had got prepared a bag with the minum necessary, if we had have to pass the night outside, and even the Giant Wolf had taken the few things he had.
Closed the door, after a reflection moment, we have left the yellownish building, and we have would must crossed the rusty gate.
In those seconds, i reminded everything of The Nothing, and just before to cross the gate i’ve tighted you much more your hand: you have noticed that: you knew what i was feeling, and in a sigh, you said: “It’s everything ok… it’s not longer exist”.
Everything seemed similar at that day: the background it was the same, but we were in another dimension.
To cross that rusty gate, it meant for me, as to relive something horrible.
Just you have could understand it, and as much you have could understand it, you have done a uncosciously thing that have leave me without the breathe. One of the first thing that you have learn, since we were together, and the only thing it was making me really feel in safe, and the only thing that freed me from each fear or doubts. Your embrace from behind.
Delicately you said me to stop, just in front of the rusty gate, and sweetly caressing my belly, you went behind me, and sweetly you have tightened it, and with the right words, you have said me to close the eyes and slowly, together we have crossed that damned rusty gate.
Without you, that thin line of that gate it have would stopped me definitely, and for magic when you have said me to reopen the eyes, everything was vanished, and you was in front of me waiting for to see again my eyes straight in your
We were one in front another, and you still tightened my hips, and in a whisper you said:”I will never repeat that one big mistake”, and from my eyes fallen one tiny teardrop.
The Giant Wolf have understood that it must had be happened something, but he didn’t ask nothing. Who did it, has been the little puppy, and after looked at each other, we have started to walk again, and slowly, crossing that dark alley, we both explained him, what was happened that day, time ago.
“Even if it not longer exist, The Nothing has been always a dark shadow. We have defeated it in Our Parallel World, and we had defeated Zora in Blue City… ” and without add anything else, we looked at everybody, and for sure we didn’t wanted finish that phrase left it in suspended.
Arrived almost at the end of that long alley, we got slow, and the sun slowly was getting inside our eyes, making close them.
We seemed almost vampires who were getting killed by the light itself.
We stopped, as soon the entrance of the piazza, where some strange cars were slowly running.
Immediately i took a glimpse to the left side, toward the old Philip’s Bar, and right after my glance spinned toward the building in front: the police station.
Then something has catched my whole attention. It just like i saw her in your mind
Under the green and white curtain at protection to the bliding sun there was the blue skinned tall woman who was staring me with a tray in hand.
She seemed a model.”



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