“When everybody” – ♦21♦

Slowly got waken, i was thinking about what i saw trought your mind, and what she have said. 
By now i was tasting a cold coffee, but i didn’t care: i had many things in mind that the coffee was the lesser important thing i had in hand.
Your glance was wandering inside mine, trying to make latest move to make change my mind, but you knew it was useless. 
I hadn’t find the time to say you what she had said me. 
In the air, that morning it was breathing itself something eletric, and making itself hear. 
Who was more electrified than us put together, was the Giant Wolf , who was going round the apartment, trying to look better than he could be appear, adjusting his worn tuxedo with the two tails.
He knew, also with me outside, he have would take even his little puppy, and there it wasn’t as being in the camper: protected by an engine machine, and being able to escape in each moment he have would like wanted. There outside he have would face up whatever danger it have would be put in front of him.
Finished my cold coffee, i went to him, and adjusting him tuxedo, i have sighed him:”Don’t worry about him, he has learnt from the better…” and together, we have looked at him, while he was talking with you, and you both were laughing.
In the same time you was encouraging the puppy, making himself gaming.
After, i called everybody and they come next to me and you sat by my side on the couch in front of the redbrick wall.
I wanted a concetration moment: i knew that in few hours we have would left the apartment, and till now, for a reason or for another, someone of us was always remained inside, but now, everybody have would left it without any shield of protection.
Everybody was looking at me waiting for i speak. I threw away the air from the lungs, and one by one i looked at everybody. 
I started to speak looking at you straight in your eyes: “Since when we had discovered here it’s in a continuing changing place, even if unconsciously, we have assisted, at least, to three changing, and we must put it in count, also without our magical shield, this apartment could be vanish to next changing.”
Everybody, included you, were looking at me with wide eyes open. I concluded:”We must get prepare to everything…”  I exhaled the remaining air in the lungs, looking at you, and slowly you have nodded.
You knew, i had right. 
You was looking at me silent: you hadn’t say a word. You was looking at me only
Staring you i sighed:” I didn’t wanted say it, but you know better than me this possibility is not to discard at all. I felt that one vortex and it’s been really strong, and i know, even you have felt it. It was a thing that i had must to say, above all for them.” 
It seemed i was excusing myself. My heart was about to explode, and in those seconds, after have realized all that, my big desire to come out seemed vanish, but right after you have taken my face among your hands, and:”You have done the right thing” you said me with your deep voice, and you have sweetly smiled. 
Everything around us, became light, and even the Giant Wolf catched the moment and he came next to us, and he gave me a sweet pat on the shoulder, and i met his sweet glance of grateful.
Slowly, with this awarness,  we got prepared ourselves to go out.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓



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