“We remained” – ♦20♦

Embraced one with another in silence on the couch for long time, when slowly i fallen asleep, and you have realized that. 
With delicateness you have taken me among your arms, and you have brought me upstairs.
Leaning me on the bed you was remained to stare me as if you was looking at growing up something new in me, and that something slowly was surrounding you.
You was still doubtful on my decision, but there was nothing to make me change my mind. 
Despite what i have face up to in my life, despite all my physical problems, if i had to face up something really hard, i always did it, and you knew it better than anybody else, and that it was one of  my strenght point you have always loved.
“Between us, you always been the stronger…” you have sighed it taking me on your chest.
Whispering how much you loved me, you fallen asleep too.
During that night our both sleeps were been disturbated by strange sensations: sometimes disturbing, sometimes really calms. Everything mixed inside vortex in which we could have hear, also the thoughts of the inhabitants of the quartier among them, stood out that one of the blue skinned tall woman who was sighing: “We need you.. you must have to stop it”, and i have could see her chill glance trough your mind, but in her gaze i have saw something more.
Her chill face has accompanied me till the first lights of the day, when i opened the eyes. You was still sleeping, and making less noise possible, i went down supporting me on the railing of those few stairs of mezzanine of the apartment.
I went in the kitchen, and i got prepared myself a cup of coffee, and i remained on the stool, staring that blue skinned tall woman in my mind, for and endless time. 
I knew, in someways, she was been capable to connect herself with me, and that one phrase it was direct to me.
The coffee was still steaming in the cup. In the apartment was reigning the silence, ocassionally interrupted by a big snore of the Giant Wolf, who was sleeping next his little puppy. I was able to distinguish just the big tail that it came out from the warm storage. And my thoughts were wandering freely in the mind, and all in a sudden, once again that sensation, like  in a vortex, and everything was changing standing still.
Now, that we had know what it was, we had to get used to it. I said we had to: the big snore of Giant Wolf immediately, and unconciously, has became a big roar: his survival istinct had stood out, and i knew, that uncosciously, he was protecting his little puppy, and that unconcious gesture, it made me thought to you, and without think about it, i whispered your name, and immediately after our hearts have started to beat at unison 
Like a warm blade that have crossed slowly your soul, you have opened the eyes, and noticed i wasn’t by your side.
In turn, you have whispered my name, and you went downstairs. 
Our glances met and for an instant, we remained dazed for what both we were seeing, and still once again we remained breathless how much we were connect. We threw away the air from the lungs, and slowly you approached yourself to me, touching softly your forehead against mine, you have sighing me “Good morning”. While from the warm storage the big ball of fur it was dividing itself, and came out the Giant Wolf and his little puppy.  We everybody have shared a silent smile, while in the air it was flying the question:”What we do today?”, and every gazes were set on me. I just nodded.
My coffee got cold.”




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