All in a sudden

I threw away the air from the lungs, and i felt your arms surrounding my belly, and your voice have pierced my soul. 
Slowly you spinning me, and our eyes meet.
In our glance  Our Parallal World. 
Everything you want say me, it is there. 
Your lips are approach themselves toward mine. You leave me without breath.
Everything is spinning, and we are the nucleus of this spiral. Everything so delicate and softly our souls are touching.
Sweetly your words become the ferryman inside our magical world.
Much more i feeling your arms tightening me against you. I let me guide by our feelings that sweetly are enveloping us, despite our distance, toward that world that we have created. 
Closisng the eyes, i feel your perfume, and this making me going crazy: how is it possible?
Laguz is in front of me… Our connection is growing up each day is passing by.
My head is spinning, and i know, even your, and you are asking yourself: “What is it this?”, but in your deep, you know it
It’s our strong connection.
And Teiwaz is saying softly, everything we will do together it will be a success.
I’m throwing away air from the lungs, feeling your arms tightening me strong against you.
I’m feeling your closiness surrounding me, and you can feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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