“You looked”- ♦19♦

At me without say nothing, but i knew what was in your mind: your worries for those who would recognize us, as the blue skinned tall woman and the black dressed detective, and the cosenquences that it have would provocate, but you knew, also my determination to go till the end of the matter. 
“Are you sure of this?” you asked without take me off your glance. I only looked at you, while our hearts slowly has began to beat strong at unison.
The Giant Wolf was embracing sweetly his son while he was assisting in silence. That decision it have would uncovered the cards on the table, and maybe it have would revolutioned the whole city. 
We were those two pawns of that whole little universe that, uncosciously, we had slowly created that day in that, by now, unrecognizable bar, time ago, and more we were reflecting on it, more we were thinking that the greenish slimy creature was the lesser evil.
It was not longer our principal worry.
“Here the time it’s an  astract thing ” – i said everybody – “Everything it seems goes normal, but instead everything is accelerated. That was my first impression when i arrived here.” i’ve continued , and everybody were listening to me, as if i was telling them a fairytale.
Usually, with your deep voice, it was you that was enchanting  the others, but this time it was my turn. 
I was continuing to speak slowly, explaining my reasons because i would have like be the next to come out, and more you was listening, more you wasn’t able to find some reasonable reasons because i had must to remain in  safe in the apartment.
I noticed you held back the breathe, for then exhale it out from the lungs. You did it many times, and in each time you was doing it, i have understood that my words had not nothing to be contested. 
In your deep, you knew i had right.
“This quartier is very small, and if the skinned blue woman knows about us, who knows how many others knows it”, i  finished what i wanted tell, saying: “It’s better come out than hide ourselves…” i concluded  looking at you straight in your eyes.
The silent moment after, was been broke from  the llttle wolf who naively said:” Maybe the slimy creature was been  able to escape during one of this continuing change.” Everybody looked at him, and i said:”Right, maybe it like this, that it went, good boy” i smiled him.
Slowly i turned my glance toward you, and you was looking at me in silence enchanted.
Always i  put all my determination into everything i did, and it was what  was you was looking at in those instants, and you had no need to ask it me again:, you was looking at into eyes my reply. You have sighed, while around us was falling the silence of the night. 
Without making itself notice, our friends, have left us alone on the couch.
Now our only desire, was stay there, and being enveloped by our breathes, among our arms.
Slowly i made slide my hand inside your shirt, and i place my hand on your heart, and delicately you have whispered my name.
Our gazes met, and slowly we approached ourselves, and we dived in our souls kissing us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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