My heart

Is beating strong, and i’m throwing away air from the lungs. I feeling your closiness more than ever
Our connection is growing up much more around us, despite our real distance. 
I’m biting my lips, and i feeling your hands arms surrounding me tight. Our minds are strongly connect in these instants. My lump in the throat is chocking me more than usual.
Slowly, trought these words i’m reaching you always more, and everything delicately is becoming a soft reality.
And now, what i miss is your voice that sigh my name. 
I close the eyes, slowly your whisper surround me.
In these instant everything is vanishing.
There are only us in our apartment and this ipnotic music
You are looking at me, and what you are saying me “Lean my lips on mine.”
I’m throwing away air from the lungs, and just after one second i kiss you.
Our connection is so strong. I feel your lips on mine, and slowly we take the flight to Our Parallel World.
Maybe i’m going crazy, maybe not. 
I’m feeling your closiness closer than ever.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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