“Crossing the long” – ♦18♦

Aisle of that blue bar you have met again the glance of that blue skinned tall woman, and she didn’t take off her gaze from you, who have stared her just for a second before to leave the bar.
In her chill eyes there was something that it was warning you.  She was always in stand still leaned on the wall, and almost she was confusing herself with the same color of the wall. Just her strong makeup made distinguish herself from the all blue enviroment around her. 
And when you with the Giant Wolf came out from the deafeaning bar, you have noticed that she had followed you till the entrance, and she has continued to stare you, while you got back to the apartment.
The Giant Wolf have noticed her, but he has waited for to be enough far from that local to let you know it. “She still is stare us”, without getting noticed, he said you. “I know, i felt her  eyes set on me since i entered in the local.”  You sighed continuing to walk, without turning yourself. 
When you and the Giant Wolf, have turned the angle for enter in the alley of the apartment, you both stopped for a while and you have looked at each other, questioning who was could be, and why she was staring you so constantly. You both, made some conjectures, but now it wasn’t the time and the place to stop. The chief of the police words, like in an echo, were resounding in your both heads, and you had passed all day outside, and the sun was making place to the moon. Slowly the dark alley was becoming darker, and just a far street lamp was illuminating that stretch of road with its orange light.
To all effects the building where there was our apartment, was the latest and  badly lit. 
You have realized that looking at it, so you have elongated the walk, till to reach the rusty gate.
Me and the little puppy, have heard you, and without make you take the key, i have opened the grey heavy door.
When our glances met, everything seemed return just like when you and the Giant Wolf had left the apartment. 
That blurry, soft white cloud has surrounded us, and everything around us, it seemed regain that magic lost for all the time you and the Giant Wolf been out. 
I wanted know everything, and i was remained breathless when you said me about the Philip’s Bar, and i was much more dazed when have reported me about what the detective said you about the continuing changing in that city, and just now i had understood my sensation in which everything was standing still but at the same instants was faster. 
And at the end you have described me the blue skinned tall woman, who without say nothing hasn’t take off her gaze from you. 
“It seemed, she wanted talk to me. It seemed, that she knew something more about what the detective said me”. Then, as if the Giant Wolf didn’t wanted intrude himself, in what you was saying me, he said: “It seemed, even, she knew who you was…. her chill glance said everything…”  he said,  while gazes was running between us.
“The next time, i want come with you” i said, looking at you, while the others were looking at the whole scene with wide eye open.
“If what the Giant Wolf has said it’s real, she know also about me, and maybe it’s what she wants: talking with me…” i said looking at the Giant Wolf, who was slowly nodding, then i looked at you still doubtful.”


Listen to you ⇓⇓


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