“When you” – ♦17♦

Came out outside from the police station, you remained as affascinated by the local in front of you. The Philip’s Bar, and as attratcted by an invisible force you and the Giant Wolf, went inside. 
And as soon entered you remained breathless and speechless. 
That local was tranformated itself in another total different enviroment. It was not longer the simply bar in which you have met me: it was not longer the anonymous bar in which few hours earlier you have met the two detectives black dressed. No, it was a total different local, with blue walls and blue lights, and many creatures who thrusting themselves for reach the long counter
Creatures of a such beauty and other of a such ugliness, but who were stay together laughhing aloud.
You was remained enchanted by a tall blue skinned woman with an orange hair with the eyes blue and green, and the mini skirt similar to that one who wore the Chameleon Woman in Blue City.
She has stared at you, while you with Giant Wolf acrossed the long and narrow aisle. 
Everything of the Phillip’s bar was vanished. The only thing was remained was my angle with the wood curtain and my table, where it were the two detectives in guard of the inhabitants.
The first time you entered in with Giant Wolf, was looking for Philip or Barb or some familiar faces, but all in a sudden a voice made you jolt: almost in a sigh it said you: “They not longer stay here”. Who was? Who was able to read your mind? 
The Giant Wolf was still in the middle of the traffic jam of the narrow aisle, and he looking for to made himself space among the other creatures who was looking at him really bad.
For fear to meet some glance of some ill-intentioned, you slowly spinned yourself, but who was behind you, it was one of the detectives. That one with the green necktie: that one who had the bloc note and taking note fastly.
You have threw away the air from the lungs, then after got calmed yourself, you have asked:”How is it possible everything this” indicatng the local. The greenish black dressed detective smiled you, while the Giant Wolf arrived breathless almost interrupting the speech among you and the detective, but he has noticed it immediately and he ordered himself something to drink, and he starting to hear what he was saying to you.
“Here everything is in a continuing changing, and the changing itself in some cases can be dangerous. Your friends were been sucked during one of these changing: maybe they are dead, maybe not, who knows, but what i suggest you: don’t move more than necessary Luke!” You have looked at him, almost surprised to hear your name come out from the mouth of the detective, but you wasn’t at all at the end.
He was able to read the mind. He knew more things than you could be expected, and  for sure he knew you was with me, and most important, he knew that we were landed in this dimension to solve this enigmatic tangle. 
But which tangle? Stop the greenish and slimy creature or this continuing changing in this dimension? 
When he left you, going back at my table in front of his patner, you have launched a questioning glance to the Giant Wolf who shrugged.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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