My heart

Is beating strong. You are thinking about me, i’m feeling it. 
You want say me something. My soft punch in the stomach is growing up.
You are on your chair in front of the desk lost in your thoughts, and your thought making you come to me.
Your desire is to tight me against your chest, and in  someway i feel your arms tightening my belly, and your breath is enveloping me sweetly, and from these little emotions, starts our connection. 
My lump in the throat is here, our minds are getting connect, and everything what we want say us is floating in the air.
I need to throw away air from the lungs. I can see you eyes lost in the void. They are looking for to reach me, and in someway they did it. 
I feel your glance that doesn’t want take off from me.
Slowly you get up and delicately you take me, and slowly we start to dance our slow dance, in which without say nothing, we say us everything. 
I look down for a second, then you take my hand and you put it on your chest. 
Your perfume is surrounding me. I start to shake. 
You whisper me something that only my soul can decipher, and my hand delicately slide inside your shirt.
Everything around us, sweetly disappears. 
Our eyes inside one another. The hearts are going crazy, then a sigh, and at the end our lips are approach one another, and all in a sudden everything around become Our Parallel World. 
There, we are dancing our slow dance, while our hearts are going about to explode in our magical connection.
We are staring at each other, and we sighing how much we love us



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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