“That one” – ♦16♦

Who was presented in front of you in the middle of the smoke cloud it was a massive bold creature, with a white shirt with the sleeves pulled up till the elbow and the  suspenders of trousers up to the fat belly and a red squared face, who was looking at you without say nothing, and he just threw away  that annoying smoke from the big cigar. 
There were been several minutes of real embaressament before that the Giant Wolf had opened the mouth to speak.
You were in front at the chief of the police: it was what saying the sign on the desk
“We we would like to report an attempt intrusion by someone in our apartment” and you have added:” and an vandalism act”
To that last phrase, the chief of the police seemed more interested than the attempt of intrusion, and with his big red face, he concetrated himself on you, and for the very first time he spoke, and from that bulky body came out as much  profound and shaking voice, repeating the VANDALISM word, as if in that word he had found who wanted catch. 
“Act of vandalism?” he asked again as if he wanted to catch each shade was came out from your mouth. You have nodded him, while he took note of what you was saying on one of the million paper scattered on the desk, and right after he screamed:”Joe!” and one second later Joe arrived pawing faster than before, and then the chief of the police asked to the dachshund to take that crumpled paper and Joe the dachshund ran away from that, already, full office of bulky persons.
You both, were remained in silence, while another cloud of smoke from that cigar was filling the room, not enough big for who was there inside.
For as much you was staring him, and as much you wanted asking some question, you haven’t opened mouth, instead who has spoke first, has been the chief of the police:”From when he eascaped away, we have attempted to warn the citiziens, but they have fear to come here and to do a complaint…. you are the first, and i see you are not from here” You was about to reply, but the Giant Wolf has replied him faster than you:”He conviced me to come here… i got back here after a long journey, and i live in a apartment of an old friend of mine, who has decided to leave this city. He is new of the habits of this city. Not even me i wanted to come here”. The Giant Wolf gave a pat on your shoulder, and you was at his play. You have got it what he was doing. 
The chief of the police would not have understand the whole matter of  who you was, therefore you have played the part of the good citizen who follow the rules.
“Your friend has been wise. By now,  few people trusting in our work, and since when we have left escape that damn slimy creature, our job is not considerated a good job, but the funny thing is, from when i have decide, to put inside the local in front of us, the best detectives i have, someone reported me that the inhabitants are feeling more in safe. How’s weird the life.”
Saying this  the big chief of the police got up, making fallen the cigar’s ash, first on the fat belly then on the desk.
He thanked you and he said you both to be careful when you would back at home: “The slimy creature, loves hide himself in the dark” and from what you have described your zone was the darkest of the city.
You both have left the police station, while another  “Joe!! come here!” made shake the police station.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓



⇐“Closed the door” – ♦15♦


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