Here you are

Slowly, you are starting to touch my belly, then you are pulling me toward your chest., while sweet words are enveloping me. 
Delicately you spinning me, and our glances meet.
Today your words are just sighs that caressing my soul.
I feeling your arms on my hips, while our eyes doesn’t take off one another.
Slowly i touch your chest, and softly my hand slide inside your shirt.
We don’t say nothing. It enough our touches, and our lips delicately are approaching and we starting to kiss us.
Our soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing up and our minds are connect.
Slowly you are whispering me how much you would like to stay with me. 
Our hearts are starting to beat like crazy. I would stay  to look at you touching your face delicately till to reach your neo. 
Then slowly i approach myself to you, and there our lips  touch in the most endless kiss.
My lump in thorat is growing up, and now i feel you here close to me, behind me tightening my hips, while your words are just sighs.
They are caressing my soul.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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