Softly you have

Embraced me the belly and you have woke me saying me delicate words, tightening me against you.
I taken your arms and i have tightened them much more.
You have looked at me from behind and slowly you have spinned me toward you.
Our glances meet, and as for magic, our breathes were merged one in another, and you arms pulled me still more against your chest.
Your perfume has surrounded me still more.
In those seconds, despite our real distance, our souls touched: in those instants in which we are only us, and everything disappears, where our intimacy is at the peak, where we can touch us and can feel our hearts beat at unison, and we can feel us closer.
And now our soft punch in the stomach is chocking us, bonding us always more one another.
I hold back my emotions, but i’m at the limit.
Our minds get connect, and slowly, i know you want let me know something. 
Othila is here, and it is protecting us, while you are take my hips, and let’s start our slow dance.
Your sweet  whispers surrounding me, our foreheads are touching delicately, and i put my hands on your chest.
You sigh “Close the eyes”, and delicately we take the flight to Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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