“Closed the door” – ♦15♦

Behind your shoulders, even you stopped for a while, and have touched it.
The Giant Wolf has looked at you, undestanding the moment, and he didn’t say nothing but with the glance he has told you to go, and you nodded.
Crossing again the big alley, you have thought what to say to the police, because in all thruth, we hadn’t see who was trying enter in the apartment, but more you and Giant Wolf went on toward the Phillip’s Bar, you was realizing that in this quartier everyboby knew everybody and that everybody had own place to go: everybody had a house, and those few homeless in the street, were too much weak, or too much old, to be rage against a heavy and grey door like ours, and for sure,  they weren’t able to mark the door with  a such deep X on a metallic surface.
Just now, you was realizing that quartier had a meeting point, and it was our bar. You was looking at you around, as if you was there for the very first time. It was a weird thing, but it seemed that the quartier  got smaller.
You was making all those considerations in silence, but Giant Wolf, by now, knew you enough well to know, that you was thinking about something.
You was looking at straight toward the sidewalk, but all in a sudden, you stopped, and looking at you again around, and have said:”Since when i moved myself in the apartment, i haven’t felt the need to go on… since i met Daria, my world is in her eyes, and i don’t care to explore other places, i mean in this world or in what place it has become, but….” you stopped for a second, then you have continued:”but now here, it’s totally different, it’s smaller, and everything is going faster.” 
The Giant Wolf left you finish to speak: your words hadn’t no sense, but he knew that you wish to stop everything and start again from the exact point in which you was, and he knew perfectly, from where, you have would restart again, and he knew, also, that in those words there was the maximum worry if it something would be happened to me, he would not be forgiven.
So, he gave you a strong pat on the shoulder and with his great voice, he said: “Come on, let’s go!”
It seemed, that in the of Giant Wolf encouragement there was the right thrust to go in that small police station in front of the Philip’s bar.
Just a small  colorful banner was indicating that istitutional place. 
It was a local smaller than Phillip’s bar, and it was crowded of every kind of strange creatures. Only two or three were of the Giant Wolf size: big and bulky, and they seemed to coordinate the smaller, but it seemed that just one of these smaller was the smartest and ran in everywhere in his four paws in other tiny rooms with some papers in his mouth. It was a kind dachshund, who, even if was stopped in front of us asking to whom we wanted talk with, he seemed pawing to restart his run. 
He indicated us one of  the giants, in one of the two normal rooms, obtained from that small local.
He said us “You must enter in that room and wait…. he will come soon”
With a slow nod, we have left him and without preambols, the dachshund has started again to run like a crazy in that small police station.
The wall of that police station were upholstered just with the mugshot of the greenish slimy creature, as if it was  the principal reminder of that moment: catch him. 
You and Giant Wolf entered in that room, and even if it was one of the normal room of the police station, it seemed, even her, small, expecially when it entered the holder of the white room with the desk illuminated by a rectangular window with green shutters.
He made himself space among folders, and a iron structure, also that full of sheets and folders and he threw back on a big brownish leather chair, that it seemed in any moment could broke
You both, were remained speechless, while the cigar smoke has sorrounded you both.”




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