“We must had “- ♦14♦

To warn the police  about what it was happened, and above all we had to warn them about the X that he had left behind on our door. 
But now, we were questioning us, who would be going, and more we were questioning this, more it was growing up in our minds, that maybe, it has been for our magic that he wasn’t  been capable to enter.
Also if we didn’t realizing still that, our magic was very powerful, and till one of us was in our apartment, noboby could not enter.
Sighing, you have said:”Like the old vampire’s formula” and i slowly nodded looking at the Giant Wolf and his son, who was still young to know these old sayings:”A vampire can’t enter in any house if he is not personally invited” i explained him with a soft voice for don’t further scare him.
But for sure someone of us, must had to go out, and go to the police station, and without asking ourselves who of us would have crossed again the grey door, you came to me, and you have take me next the only big window of the room, and you have took my hips; our forheads touched, and slowly without say nothing, we have said us everything. 
The sunlight entering, was covering us, and everything what the Giant Wolf, and his little son were seeing, were two blurry silouhettes surrounded by a soft white light, and they have could hear only few whispers that we had said each other.
And slowly, in all the apartement, it seemed it was spreaded a further magic, in protection of that only magic and safe place.
When we got back to the Giant Wolf and the puppy, they seemed enchanted by what they have as soon felt around them: a soft warmth has wrapped everything, and they were looked at us, always more admired. “You still don’t know much of power you have. I don’t know, and for sure, i don’t want to know it, what you have said each other, but i’m sure, i was witnessed of one the most powerful thing among two persons.”
And that soft white blurry light was still sourrounding us, while the Giant Wolf was speaking, holding in one of his furry arms his little son.
Then he left us, knowing that he would be him to come out again with you. 
That apartment it would not violated by anybody, not even by a vampire travested by a slimy and greenish creature.
We have would defend our castle at any cost, and now with our unaware magic, it was sourrounded by another further shield, even if our defend forces were
reduced to a minimum.
Now it was the Giant Wolf ‘s turn:  he was reccomending himself to his brave puppy.
“We get back  as soon possible, but i recccomend to make much noise than we had before. Be baddest. If he get back before our return, make how i taught you, ok?”
Hearing those reccomandations made by an adult to a just a puppy wolf,it has made me thought how many bad things they had saw until they has met us. 
You were ready once again to go out, and this time me and the puppy wolf has accompanied you at the grey door.
With some doubts, the door has been opened, and the Giant Wolf has took a look outside, and then you came out too.
With a sigh i have left the hand that i was holding tight, and before to close the door, our  were met once again in a rapid glimpse.
Closed the heavy door, i threw away the air from the lungs, leaning my back on it. 
I looked at the puppy wolf. 
Trying to hide my worry to the little wolf, i smiled him.”



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