If you

Look at a me like this, i just can throw away air from the lungs faster, and i’m biting the lips, because i feeling your hands holding me tight toward your chest, and the soft punch in the stomach is slowly growing up inside me.
I holding back my emotions. 
The lump in the throat is chocking me.
My heart is beating like a crazy.
Someone asked me if i like someone real, as if you was someone surreal.
They doesn’t what has happened among us. I tried to explained it, but i think they take me for a crazy.
What it has happened among us, it’s something of real thin, but it’s, even, something real powerful, really difficult to explain. 
Just the two involved can feel those sensations running in their bodies: and we are us, those two starrings.
I’m shaking, because in these instants i feel your closiness surround me. 
Your mind is get connect with mine, and everything around us is dilating, and in someway, i know, in these small instants, even if we doesnt’ know each other as we wish, you are think a bit to me, and i feeling it, and few times i wrong.
Our thoughts are metting in Our Parallel World.
Let’s continue to look at me in this way, i want going crazy.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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