When i have

Felt your embrace surrounding my belly, i have understood just in that instants that it’s in that exact moment, you are alone, far from everybody, and in those instants our eletric shocks can unleash themselves, and our connection begin without any interruptions, and there you start to feel, like me, our soft punch in the stomach growing like a crazy, and everything around us become soft, and even if our distance is very far, in those minutes our souls are touching, and i can hear your whispers get inside me, and you are saying only words that make me feel going crazy.
I just understood this, because you have sighed it to me, and my soul has deciphered it immediately at my heart.
I’m biting my lips, feeling your embrace surrounding my belly. 
My heart is going crazy. I feel your closiness closer than ever in these instants.
You spinning me, and our glances meeting. 
We remain breathless. 
Despite our distance, our magic connection make us feel each day closer, even if there are no evident signals, but is what we are feeling our souls, it says us that is so magic, and everything it conduct us inside Our Parallel World.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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