“And what we had” – ♦13♦

Imagined,it didnt wait long to come. 
After we fallen asleep embraced one another, and in the apartment fallen the silence,  and after a bit, the silence itself has been disturbated by some creepy noises. 
Noises that came from outside the grey door. Someone was attempting to enter. 
The building in which it was our apatment was the latest of that big alley, and after that alley there was just a big redbrick wall, and our apartment was the first that it was meet, entering in that strange building.
For a bit, it seemed that none in the apartment had noticed those noises. 
It didn’t moved itself a thread of air. The only air that it was moving were of our deep breathes, and everything around was stand still.
But at the end a CRACK!  has made us everybody jolt. 
It has wakening everybody. The Giant Wolf and the little wolf came out from the warm storage and they has starting to roaring against the grey door, where someone was moving the handle of the door.
As soon we have heardt that CRACK, we have thought to the fugitive, slimy creature.
We have could hear the roars of the Giant Wolf, but they seemed didn’t scare whoever wanted enter in.
Slowly we went downstairs to check if everybody there, were ok.
The little wolf  jumped on me and together we sat on the stools in the kitchen, ready to take some knife, if it was necessary.
Even you have pulled out a switchblade knife, hidden in a leather jacket never wore, but always  hanging on the coat rack.
Whoever wanted enter in our apartment after several attempts, was give up himself, and it seemed he went away.
After a real deadly silence, in that apartment all the glances of the present were moved toward the others. 
In those seconds, it seemed, also make a tiny moves could scare whoever in that apartment.
Who was really scared between us, was the Giant Wolf, who have saw the greenish creature just few hours before, but in front of his son he must had to be fearless: but what we had see in those minutes, was real terror. 
Going in front of him, you have sighed:”It’s over… it’s over” and together with him, you have took a big deep breathe, and finally it seemed he got calmed.
I asssisted to that scene, and i thought how much magnetic power you had, and that was your magic.
The little wolf went to his dad who has taken him among his big paws, and with proud he said him:”You made him escape away!”, and then he has gave him sweet warheads, spinning himself toward us, happy smiling. 
Now that scare was gone, we had to check, for real, what was happened outside the grey door, and taking all the courage, you and the Giant Wolf, have opened the heavy grey door.
It seemed, there was no anybody there, not even in the concrete garden, and not even  behind the rusty gate, and outside, in the street, the noises seemed take again the usual buzz.
But just when you and the Giant Wolf were going back in the apartment, you both have noticed a big X scratched on the grey door.
The Giant Wolf has looked at you and in a sigh has said you:”He knows we are living here, we must go to the police station…”, you nodded slowly, and as soon you entered you made me see that big X on the door, and in a sigh you said me:” I don’ know in which dimension we are, but i don’t believe that our magic, now, it may pull us out from this situation”
Giant Wolf had right. We had to go to the police station.”



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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